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Tutorial: How to add or edit an Upcoming Auction

After you log in, you will see a long brown vertical menu on the left.  For now the

To view the list of Upcoming Auctions, click on “Upcoming Auctions”.

This will bring up a list of Auctions.

To edit an Auction,  Hover your mouse cursor over the Auction name, and an “Edit” link will appear.  Click that.


That will open up the editor for that Auction.  Open one of the Auctions and look at how the fields are all filled out as an example.

If you wish to add an Auction, click “Add Upcoming Auction” and that will open the editor for a new Auction.

Fill out the Title on top – this is required – and the fields below.  The large edit block is where to put all your detail.  There are notes with each field below that you need to fill out which will guide you on what to put there.

If you wish to set a category do so in the box at right.  (as of right now 4/19/24 the categories are not set up for display on the front end)


Add a “Featured Image” on the bottom right.  This is the image that will show in short listings.








If you wish to set a specific date for the auction to expire and no longer be displayed, activate the future action by clicking on the checkbox in the right sidebar:

Set a time and date.  The ACTION recommended is to simply change the Auction status to draft.  This unpublishes it.



Note that the Online Catalog and Auction Brochure buttons will not appear on the auction listing unless those fields are filled out, or in the case of the Brochure PDF upload, if something is actually uploaded.

Add images to the Photo Gallery by clicking on the Add Images button, and upload the images – or select them from the Media Library if they already exist. .


Add a video link in the “Video URL” field if you have one.

At the very bottom you’ll see  a section called Calendar.  If you want the auction to show up on the Auction Calendar, check the “Post is Event” box, and fill out the dates/times below. Note that ALL date/time fields must be filled out.

To fill out the time sections you have to add numbers there.


When you are done adding/editing the Auction click the Publish or Update buttons in the upper right part of the editor.


and that’s it! Now go check your Auction on the Home page to make sure it shows up and looks like you want 🙂